Steward AI

Steward AI is a app that monitors your plants and sends you notifications when they need water or show signs of disease.

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Setup notifications for when Steward detects a whole range of leaf diseases, dehydration, or when it is time to harvest. We keep models of every plant species in Steward, so we can tell when a specific species is not growing as it should.

Gather help

Regular images of your crops makes it easy to reach out to your community or the Steward community. You no longer need to bring someone out to your farm to diagnose a fungus problem, or descibe the leaf color to ask an expert how much nitrogen should be used.

Real Time Growth Tracking

Steward tracks the growth of your crops over time using the latest in data science technology. Test, with statistical accuracy, different nutrients or nutrients to see what works best.

We Need Better Food

The current way food is grown is not sustainable when you consider the environmental impact or the world wide population growth. The growth in farming is all in large highly automated, low diversity, plantation farms, which provide lower quality food and more often provide food for animals. At the same time, the enviornmental costs of meat are un-sustainable. The true cost of the carbon and water required to produce a pound of beef would put it out of the market for most middle class familys. This makes it hard to see how millions of people can lead a healthy life.

But that does not mean all food is not sustainable. A number of movements, like the growing popularity of organic food, production greenhouses, hydroponics, and aquaponics, give alternatives to the low diversity farms that make up the majority of farm land. Hydroponics allows farmers to grow year round in most areas and closer to cities where the food is eaten. Aquaponics takes a fraction of the raw materials that other farm practices require. There are solutions to our food problems, they are just not yet ready for the mass market.

When we looked at the current best practices, they were not ready to scale up to feel millions around the world. Everyone has their own way of doing things and there was constant changes to find the most efficient way to grow plants.

This is what we have set out to do: make modern farming automated and scaleable. Give great farmers great tools so they can feed 10x the amount of people they do now.

Meet the Founder:

Brad Davis

Web Experience

Brad has 7 years of experience building web applications on the internet. He got started working on e-commerce software and moved on to content management, learning management, document management and analytics.

AI Experience

Brad has worked with AI for 3 years now, since the very begining of tensorflow going open source and being widely available. He is active on many of the data science netowrks.

Farm Experience

Brad has been gardening for many years and has volunteered at local non-profit farms in the area.

I really wanted to bring the technology being developed in labs and universities and bring it out to where people could really use it. When looking around my own property, the first thing I though of was how hard it is to grow food. I looked for something else on the market but could not find anything that was reasonably priced. I was tinkering with some off the shelf electronics and realized the technology really made me a better farmer than I was. It amplified my own knowledge and made growing my own food fun again.